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Can I try a class out first to see if I like it before I enrol?

Yes! We offer a free trial to all our classes. Not sure what class you think you’ll enjoy the most, try each one for a week before you commit. Email the studio to book your trial!

Which technique/syllabus do you teach?

We teach Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) for Classical ballet. We offer ballet exams from Grade 1 - Advance 2. Not all students choose to undertake examinations, but those who do we require examination students to enroll in all classes available to their class and level on the timetable (ie a minimum of 2 classical ballet classes per week for Primary to Advance 2 students) Students choosing not to undertake examinations will not be at any disadvantage as our classes are all designed around the syllabi regardless.

Can parents/guardians be present during the class?

Dance class is a new world for your child to discover, and all students must be comfortable in their environment for them to flourish. For this reason, family members are not invited in to observe classes after the first lesson. There may be occasional opportunities to peek into your child’s class progress, as well as performances like our end of year showcase and open week, where families are invited to attend and celebrate our students progress and success!

My child has tried dance class before. She/he sometimes cries and has a difficult time staying in class without a parent. How can you support with this?


This is one of the key questions and can make or break your child’s interest in dance. Our experience shows that following a few simple steps can make a world of difference in this situation.


First, on your way to class explain to your child where they are going and what they will be doing, and about the new friends they will meet.

Second, always being your child 5-10 minutes early. Give them time to change and get into the atmosphere of the class. Bringing a child late and having to rush them into class after it started almost always results in confusion and feeling of being put on the spot. This leads to crying in many cases.

Finally, and contrary to logical thinking, if a child sees a parent during the class he/she will almost surely want to be with them and not the other kids dancing.


Our Ready Set Dance and Mini Ballet methodology is specifically designed for small children. At the teacher’s discretion, they may invite the parent into a class for a few minutes or may take the child outside for a parent to calm them down. Please follow the teacher’s suggestions, and your child will have the best experience. It usually takes 2-3 classes for child to become comfortable and confident with their new friends and the atmosphere.

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, we offer private classes for technique and competition work. Please email us with your goals (competition or extension) and any other information that may help us direct you to the right teacher.

When do students start pointe work?

The age at which dancers start pointe work varies from student to student. Strength and development are paramount in being able to wear pointe shoes for extended periods of time safely. Premature wearing of pointe shoes or insufficient training can result in serious injuries and/or disabilities. We are strongly committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our dancers.

It is important to understand that pointe work is specific to a dancer’s strength and skill level not age, syllabus, or methodology. However, students under the age of 12 will not be permitted to perform on pointe.

Students will be sent to a qualified physiotherapist for assessment before students will be permitted to have pointe shoes. In addition, students must take pre-pointe for a minimum of 2 years before being sent to a physiotherapist and then once approved will remain in the pre-pointe class en-pointe for the remainder of the year.

Is my child ready for the next level up?

At Volar Dance Centre, we believe in a firm foundation for our dancers and follow a progression syllabus for our dance styles. This means that students must be able to correctly perform and comprehend a set of level appropriate skills and technique before they can move to the next level. Most often this lines up securely with our class age blocks, but all children develop at their own pace and some students may need extra time in a level while other students may advance quicker.

Do I need to buy special dance shoes/uniform for my child?

Yes, a Volar Dance Centre uniform is required for most classes including Mini Ballet and Ready Set Dance. Dance class involves physical activity and we must ensure comfort and safety of the child. Please refer to our uniform list in our Website shop.

If I wish to withdraw from a class through the term, will I receive a refund?

Yes, if you withdraw within a fortnight of classes starting. If a fortnight has passed no refund will be given.

What happens when a class is cancelled?

If the circumstances are in our control we will make every effort to find a substitute teacher before class is cancelled. If classes are cancelled due to Volar Dance Centre reasons, we will offer a make-up class.

Is there an end of year performance?

If you are an enrolled students we assume that you will be participating in the annual End of Year Showcase and all VDC students are encouraged too. As a student of a performing arts discipline, we see that participating in a live performance experience enables students to fully appreciate and celebrate their hard work.


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